30 MINUTES DELAYED DATA: ABB2026S0 N100.000.00 % ABBEYBDS [BLS] N1.700.00 % ABC2027S0 N100.000.00 % ABCTRANS N0.270.00 % ACADEMY N1.700.00 % ACCESSCORP N8.800.50 % ADV2028S1A N100.000.00 % ADV2031S1B N100.000.00 % AFRINSURE [MRF] N0.200.00 % AFRIPRUD N5.550.00 % AFROMEDIA N0.200.00 % AGB2024S0 N100.000.00 % AIICO N0.560.01 % AIRTELAFRI N2000.000.00 % ALEX [BLS] N7.200.00 % ARBICO N1.030.00 % ARDOVA N12.800.00 % ASOSAVINGS [DIP] N0.500.00 % AUSTINLAZ [BLS] N2.030.00 % AXA2027S1 N100.000.00 % BAPLC N6.250.00 % BAU2021S1 N100.000.00 % BERGER N5.95-0.65 % BETAGLAS N46.100.00 % BUA2027S1 N100.000.00 % BUACEMENT N47.85-2.25 % BUAFOODS N58.300.00 % CADBURY N11.850.10 % CAP N17.750.00 % CAPHOTEL [BLS] N3.400.00 % CAPOIL [MRF] N0.200.00 % CAVERTON N1.01-0.04 % CHAMPION [BLS] N3.690.00 % CHAMS N0.27-0.02 % CHELLARAM [MRF] N2.240.00 % CHIPLC N0.55-0.03 % CIB2023S1 N100.000.00 % CIL2028S2 N100.000.00 % CILEASING N3.200.00 % CMB2025S1 N100.000.00 % CONOIL N26.500.00 % CORNERST N0.560.02 % COURTVILLE N0.45-0.01 % CSF2025S1 N100.000.00 % CUSTODIAN N6.500.00 % CUTIX N2.050.00 % CWG [BLS] N0.81-0.09 % DAARCOMM N0.200.00 % DAN2024S1TA N100.000.00 % DAN2026S1TB N100.000.00 % DAN2027S2TA N100.000.00 % DAN2028S1TC N100.000.00 % DAN2029S2TB N100.000.00 % DAN2032S2TC N100.000.00 % DANGCEM N245.000.00 % DANGSUGAR N16.050.00 % DCM2025S1 N100.000.00 % DEAPCAP [DWL] N0.200.00 % DUNLOP [MRS] N0.200.00 % EKOCORP [BMF] N5.790.00 % ELLAHLAKES N3.600.00 % ENAMELWA N16.200.00 % EPF2026S1 N100.000.00 % ETERNA N5.75-0.60 % ETI N11.050.00 % ETRANZACT N3.200.00 % EUNISELL N2.910.00 % FBNH N10.150.00 % FBQ2023S1 N98.240.00 % FBQ2030S2 N100.000.00 % FCMB N3.240.01 % FFFBNBALF N146.140.00 % FFFBNFIF N1234.590.00 % FFFBNMMF N100.000.00 % FFFRONTIER N121.430.00 % FFFSDHCGF N3002.680.00 % FFFSDHCIF N2858.810.00 % FFIONEABMM N100.000.00 % FFIONEVBF N2.150.00 % FFIONEVGIF N1.000.00 % FFLEGYDTFD N3.350.00 % FFLEGYEYFD N1.180.00 % FFLEGYMMFD N100.000.00 % FFLEGYUBFD N1.040.00 % FFSFSFIXED N1.030.00 % FFUNCAPBDF N1.650.00 % FFUNCAPBLF N1.230.00 % FFUNCAPEBF N109.300.00 % FFUNCAPEQF N0.720.00 % FFUNCAPMMF N1.000.00 % FFUNCAPWFF N1.120.00 % FG112024S1 N118.320.00 % FG112024S1 N118.320.00 % FG112034S2 N101.000.00 % FG112034S2 N101.000.00 % FG132026S1 N100.230.00 % FG132026S1 N100.230.00 % FG132036S2 N96.500.00 % FG132036S2 N96.500.00 % FG142027S1 N110.000.00 % FG142027S1 N110.000.00 % FG142037S2 N119.780.00 % FG142037S2 N119.780.00 % FG152023S3 N103.000.00 % FG152025S2 N102.890.00 % FG152025S2 N102.890.00 % FG152028S1 N100.800.00 % FG152028S1 N100.800.00 % FG162029S1 N102.470.00 % FG162029S1 N102.470.00 % FG162049S2 N145.050.00 % FG162049S2 N145.050.00 % FG172035S1 N114.370.00 % FG172035S1 N114.370.00 % FG172045S3 N100.000.00 % FG172045S3 N100.000.00 % FG172050S2 N105.000.00 % FG172050S2 N105.000.00 % FG182032S2 N100.000.00 % FG182042S1 N100.000.00 % FG5B2028S5 N100.000.00 % FG5B2028S5 N100.000.00 % FG6B2029S3 N100.000.00 % FG6B2029S3 N100.000.00 % FG6B2029S5 N100.000.00 % FG6B2029S5 N100.000.00 % FG7B2030S3 N70.500.00 % FG7B2030S3 N70.500.00 % FGB2022S1 N100.000.00 % FGB2022S1 N100.000.00 % FGB2026S2 N108.000.00 % FGB2026S2 N108.000.00 % FGEUR2023S9 N98.190.00 % FGEUR2025S5 N100.000.00 % FGEUR2027S2 N100.000.00 % FGEUR2028S10 N100.000.00 % FGEUR2029S4 N100.000.00 % FGEUR2030S8 N100.000.00 % FGEUR2031S6 N100.000.00 % FGEUR2032S1 N100.000.00 % FGEUR2033S11 N100.000.00 % FGEUR2038S7 N100.000.00 % FGEUR2047S3 N100.000.00 % FGEUR2049S4 N100.000.00 % FGEUR2051S12 N100.000.00 % FGS202263 N100.010.00 % FGS202263 N100.010.00 % FGS202265 N100.010.00 % FGS202265 N100.010.00 % FGS202267 N99.210.00 % FGS202267 N99.210.00 % FGS202278 N100.000.00 % FGS202278 N100.000.00 % FGS202280 N100.000.00 % FGS202280 N100.000.00 % FGS202282 N100.000.00 % FGS202301 N90.000.00 % FGS202303 N100.000.00 % FGS202305 N100.000.00 % FGS202307 N90.000.00 % FGS202369 N90.000.00 % FGS202369 N90.000.00 % FGS202371 N90.000.00 % FGS202371 N90.000.00 % FGS202373 N100.000.00 % FGS202373 N100.000.00 % FGS202375 N85.000.00 % FGS202375 N85.000.00 % FGS202377 N100.000.00 % FGS202377 N100.000.00 % FGS202379 N100.000.00 % FGS202379 N100.000.00 % FGS202381 N100.000.00 % FGS202381 N100.000.00 % FGS202383 N100.000.00 % FGS202384 N100.000.00 % FGS202386 N90.000.00 % FGS202388 N90.000.00 % FGS202390 N100.000.00 % FGS202392 N100.000.00 % FGS202394 N90.000.00 % FGS202396 N60.000.00 % FGS202398 N109.500.00 % FGS202402 N100.000.00 % FGS202404 N100.000.00 % FGS202406 N98.460.00 % FGS202408 N100.000.00 % FGS202409 N100.000.00 % FGS202411 N100.000.00 % FGS202413 N100.000.00 % FGS202415 N100.000.00 % FGS202485 N100.000.00 % FGS202487 N81.000.00 % FGS202489 N75.000.00 % FGS202491 N100.000.00 % FGS202493 N99.990.00 % FGS202495 N99.990.00 % FGS202497 N100.000.00 % FGS202499 N99.990.00 % FGS202510 N100.000.00 % FGS202512 N100.000.00 % FGS202514 N100.000.00 % FGS202516 N100.630.00 % FGSUK2024S1 N110.000.00 % FGSUK2025S2 N100.200.00 % FGSUK2027S3 N96.000.00 % FGSUK2031S4 N106.000.00 % FHSUK202801 N100.000.00 % FID2031S1 N100.000.00 % FIDELITYBK N3.780.11 % FIDSON N9.950.00 % FLOURMILL N30.300.00 % FMN2023S2 N100.000.00 % FMN2023S3A N100.000.00 % FMN2025S3B N100.000.00 % FTNCOCOA [RST] N0.28-0.01 % GLAXOSMITH N5.900.00 % GMB2019S1 N100.000.00 % GOLDBREW [BLS] N0.810.00 % GOLDINSURE [MRS] N0.200.00 % GREENWETF N100.000.00 % GSPECPLC N2.750.00 % GTCO N18.50-0.60 % GUINEAINS N0.200.00 % GUINNESS N83.000.00 % HONYFLOUR N2.350.00 % IAO2026S1 N100.000.00 % IKEJAHOTEL N1.200.00 % IMG N7.400.00 % INFINITY [BLS] N1.270.00 % INTBREW [BLS] N5.100.05 % INTENEGINS [MRS] N0.380.00 % JAIZBANK N0.78-0.02 % JAPAULGOLD N0.27-0.01 % JBERGER N25.900.00 % JOHNHOLT N0.810.00 % JULI N0.790.00 % KGB2020S1 N100.000.00 % KGB2022S2 N100.000.00 % LAB2023S1 N100.000.00 % LAB2027T2 N100.000.00 % LAB2027T4 N100.000.00 % LASACO N0.92-0.03 % LEARNAFRCA N1.860.00 % LFZ2041S1 N100.000.00 % LFZ2042S2 N100.000.00 % LINKASSURE N0.47-0.01 % LIVESTOCK N1.11-0.02 % LIVINGTRUST [BLS] N1.430.00 % LMS2025S2 N100.000.00 % LOTUSHAL15 N13.500.00 % MANSARD N1.700.00 % MAYBAKER N3.880.00 % MBENEFIT N0.280.00 % MCI2026S1 N100.000.00 % MCNICHOLS N0.620.00 % MEDVIEWAIR [BMF] N1.620.00 % MERGROWTH N17.500.00 % MERVALUE N16.500.00 % MEYER N2.270.00 % MORISON N2.190.00 % MRE2023S2A N100.000.00 % MRE2023S2B N100.000.00 % MRS N14.350.00 % MTNN N200.100.20 % MULTITREX [DWL] N0.360.00 % MULTIVERSE N2.820.00 % NAHCO N5.750.00 % NASCON N11.000.00 % NB N48.400.00 % NCR N3.600.00 % NEIMETH N1.560.00 % NEM N5.390.00 % NESF N552.200.00 % NESTLE N1350.000.00 % NEWGOLD N11501.140.00 % NGXGROUP N17.00-1.00 % NIGERINS [MRF] N0.200.00 % NMR2027S3 N100.000.00 % NMR2030S1 N100.000.00 % NMR2033S2 N100.000.00 % NNFM N7.500.00 % NOTORE [BLS] N62.500.00 % NOVA2027S1 N100.000.00 % NPFMCRFBK [BLS] N1.550.00 % NSLTECH N0.200.00 % NSP2031S2 N100.000.00 % NSP2034S1 N100.000.00 % OANDO [MRF] N4.900.00 % ODB2027S1 N100.000.00 % OKOMUOIL N188.300.00 % OMATEK [RST] N0.200.00 % PBS2026S1 N100.000.00 % PHARMDEKO N2.050.00 % PREMPAINTS [MRF] N10.000.00 % PRESCO N142.600.00 % PRESTIGE [BLS] N0.510.00 % PZ [MRF] N9.250.00 % RAKUNITY [MRF] N0.300.00 % REDSTAREX N2.360.00 % REGALINS N0.260.00 % RESORTSAL [MRF] N0.200.00 % RONCHESS N81.000.00 % ROYALEX [MRF] N1.020.00 % RTBRISCOE N0.350.02 % SB2024S1TA N100.000.00 % SB2024S1TB N100.000.00 % SCOA N1.750.00 % SEPLAT N1250.000.00 % SFSREIT N77.000.00 % SIAMLETF40 N58.000.00 % SIM2023S1 N100.000.00 % SIM2025S2 N100.000.00 % SKYAVN N5.000.00 % SMURFIT [MRF] N0.200.00 % SOVRENINS N0.26-0.01 % STACO [MRF] N0.480.00 % STANBIC N29.00-1.00 % STANBICETF30 N72.000.00 % STDINSURE [MRF] N0.200.00 % STERLNBANK N1.49-0.01 % SUNUASSUR N0.32-0.03 % TANTALIZER N0.200.00 % THOMASWY [MRS] N0.350.00 % TIP N0.480.00 % TOTAL N211.100.00 % TOURIST [DIP] N2.840.00 % TRANSCOHOT [BLS] N6.250.00 % TRANSCORP N1.050.00 % TRANSEXPR N0.750.00 % TRIPPLEG N0.810.00 % TRN2022S1 N100.000.00 % TSL2030S1 N100.000.00 % UACN N10.250.00 % UBA N7.300.10 % UBN [BLS] N5.750.00 % UBN2029S3 N100.000.00 % UCAP N11.200.00 % UCAP2025S1 N100.000.00 % UHOMREIT N36.600.00 % UNHOMES [DIP] N3.020.00 % UNILEVER N13.000.00 % UNIONDAC [DIP] N0.280.00 % UNIONDICON [BRS] N8.950.00 % UNITYBNK N0.440.00 % UNIVINSURE N0.200.00 % UPD2023S1 N100.000.00 % UPDC [BLS] N0.960.00 % UPDCREIT N3.200.00 % UPL N1.630.00 % VANLEER N5.450.00 % VERITASKAP N0.200.00 % VETBANK N3.610.06 % VETGOODS N6.080.00 % VETGRIF30 N16.42-0.16 % VETINDETF N17.22-0.73 % VITAFOAM N22.451.45 % VSPBONDETF N173.930.00 % WAPCO N24.500.00 % WAPIC N0.35-0.02 % WEM2023S1 N100.000.00 % WEMABANK N3.460.00 % ZENITHBANK N19.95-0.05 %

Technology Services

Home Nigerian Exchange Data Technology Services

The Nigerian Exchange (NGX) Technology Services are designed to provide businesses the necessary tools and support they need to effectively position themselves at the forefront of trading technology while enjoying cost saving benefits that can be derived from shared infrastructure. NGX offers dedicated support during normal business hours as well as tailored services based on your business needs.


X-Cloud provides the opportunity for trading participants to locate their servers as close as possible to NGX mission critical Trading and Market Data engines. NGX has partnered with a leading Tier III Datacenter, for the provision of both primary and Data Recovery facilities. Traders can leverage NGX cutting edge technology to position their business among world class latency traders, by having the fastest access to the Nigerian Exchange and its Market Data.

For subscription and inquiries about NGX X-Cloud Hosting services, email contact@ngxgroup.com and xcloudsupport@ngxgroup.com.

X-Cloud Key Features

Testing Services​​​

The NGX Testing Services support the interface between client applications and NGX trading and information systems. With the testing service, clients are  able to successfuly carry out FIX certification testing and other Ad-hoc tests based on specific needs.

To find out more, please write to contact@ngxgroup.com or call the Market Data Desk directly on +234 (1) 448 5857, between 8a.m. and 5p.m., Monday to Friday.​​

Connectivity & Feeds​

The Nigerian Exchange (NGX) offers market participants various connectivity services, ranging from Virtual Private Networks to Internet-based options. NGX array of connectivity services are designed for users across the board. See how you can connect to the NGX through one or more of the connectivity channels described below.

The Nigerian Exchange effectively delivers high-quality market data to consumers and data vendors. We offer different ways to access Real-time, Delayed and End of Day data to ensure we can meet the unique needs of your firm. You may source Real-Time Data directly from the NGX platform using the FIX Protocol or indirectly through one of our Market Data Vendors.

​Our trading engine provides customers with dedicated point-to-point connections for market data and trading activity. Customers with their own trading and information systems can connect directly to the NGX platform, where data is continuously pushed out to the customers during the course of the trading day. Please view our specification documents below.

The NGX Application Programming Interface (API) has been developed to cater to the growing demand for cost effective data delivery alternative to the Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol. Our API Infrastructure is available to a range of developers for the display of Real Time, Delayed or End of Day data on Websites, Wallboards and other Web-friendly applications.  ​​​

​Our API is easy to integrate into any website or portal and is available in JSON and XML format; see Market Data pricelist for annual subscription charges. Details on how to register and available data products can be found on the NGX API Website (https://marketdataapiv3.ngxgroup.com/​).​​​ ​​​ ​​

The Nigerian Exchange Network (X-NET) is a fully managed private financial network providing real-time, low-latency electronic connectivity to The Exchange’s trading platform over all asset classes to the Broker/Dealer community. In addition, The Exchange provides the Broker Dealer community with remote management and support service for the network and the components of the trading workstation.

Why go with the XNET Service? ​

    • The architecture provides Broker/Dealers with a completely dedicated and fully redundant, point-to-point solution with no single point of failure or potential for message bottlenecks. At a default bandwidth of 1Mbp, the network is future-proof, scalable and well positioned to deal with the increased levels of traffic and use of other message-intensive, time-sensitive trading strategies.​
    • ​The knowledge and expertise of how the Automated Trading System (ATS) integrates with XNET enables our dedicated team of technical professionals to investigate and resolve trading and technical issues quickly by working closely with all parties concerned. 
    • The network is a reliable, proven extranet for mission-critical trade routing and data services built on a fully resilient infrastructure that provides adequate redundancy at both network and Telco levels to ensure high availability and optimal performance. 
    • The network is a fully supported and comprehensive solution that includes connectivity management, testing and certification with each destination. 
    • The service will provide seamless and high availability (HA) connectivity to the trading platform.​ ​ ​​​​​​​

To find out more, please write to contact@ngxgroup.com or call the X-Net enquiry desk directly on +234 (1) 448 9932, between 8am and 5pm; Monday to Friday.

With Direct Market Access (DMA)​, Trading License Holders are able to access the market using an Order Management System provided by a Certified Independent Software Vendor. With your business at the forefront of trading technology, you can provide the necessary flexibility for customers and investors to access Market Data and trade from anywhere in the world.