Nigerian Exchange (NGX) Limited is pleased to announce the release of digital-only version of the 2021 edition of its annual Factbook (X-Factbook) on Thursday, 26 August 2021, after 41 years in print.

The digital X-Factbook, available for purchase at, presents a completely new way for users to conveniently access comprehensive and diverse information on the Nigerian capital market.

X-Factbook is a compendium of capital market information designed to provide investors, market analysts, researchers and the wider capital market stakeholders with information on the profiles and historical financial performance of companies listed on NGX. It also provides relevant information on trading activities on NGX and the various market participants across the investment value chain.

Individuals and institutions interested in X-Factbook now have the option of either subscribing to the complete Factbook or subscribing to just the section of interest. While modular purchase allows readers to access a specific sector of the economy as applicable at a cost ranging from N2,000 to N3,000; the complete e-book provides a compendium of all sectors at a cost of N5,000.

Speaking on the release of the digital factbook, the Chief Executive Officer, NGX, Mr. Temi Popoola, CFA, stated, “At NGX, we are dedicated to developing and improving the digital experience for our stakeholders. The transformation of X-Factbook from print to digital aligns with our commitment to providing and enhancing access to quality market information. With the current climate where companies and individuals have transitioned to a more digitally-inclined mode of working and accessing information, it is fitting that we are introducing our first online Factbook at this time. We believe that X-Factbook will serve to complement other platforms for accessing information at NGX.”

On his part, the Divisional Head, Trading Business, Mr. Jude Chiemeka noted that “in operating as a demutualised entity, we continue to prioritise the timely provision of quality market information to support the investment process. That is why this foremost post-demutualisation edition of X-Factbook has been made easily accessible to investors across the globe to showcase the existing and potential opportunities in the Nigerian capital market. We are confident that this edition of X-Factbook will be an invaluable resource to the investing community and will continue to promote investor education in our market.”

Leveraging digital technology for ease of access, X-Factbook provides investors, researchers, media, and other capital market stakeholders with desired insights into the operations of the Nigerian capital market, including listed securities. It further ensures that companies listed on NGX remain visible and that NGX remains positioned as a preferred investment destination.